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Sunday, May 06, 2007


Walk the World on May 13 to Help Fight Child Hunger! - $10,000 Prize

The time has come to Walk the World and increase the awareness of the global fight against child hunger. Walk the World is a global fundraising and awareness event organized by our partners, of the U.N. World Food Programme, that takes place on one day, May 13, in all 24 times zones with one sole purpose - to call for an end to child hunger forever. So circle that date on your calendar, May 13, it is only 1 week away. Anyone and everyone can and should participate. All you have to do is WALK to show solidarity with the cause. And if you can make any donations to the cause, even better! Many cities around the world are hosting walks, so first check to see if there is a Walk the World organized in your city so you can join them. If not, then just walk on your own or with family and friends to show solidarity. MAKE SURE YOU REGISTER YOUR WALK! In 2007, no child should be going to bed hungry, yet 350 million all over the world do, even though there is plenty of food produced in the world today to feed every man, woman, and child. 350 million...that's greater than the population of the United States and Canada combined. Imagine every single American and Canadian being hungry. Now imagine if they were all children, and you start to get an idea of how big this problem is. So help end child hunger and Walk the World on May 13!

And if you are too tied to the computer to ever get out of the house (I know the feeling), then fear not because you can even do a Virtual Walk where you let your fingers do the walking! This year, for the first time, Walk the World will also take place in Second Life, a virtual world with over 6 million members! The event will take place during 24 hours in and around the Pooley Auditorium in Borrowdale sim. On the screens at the Auditorium there will be live feeds from the real life walk from all over the world. There will also be an opportunity to donate to help end child hunger in real life by donating in donation boxes surrounding the Auditorium. If you're going to be participating in the virtual Walk the World in Second Life, don't forget to sign-up. (For more info about this event please contact:

It gets better! To help motivate you, I'm giving away a $10,000 prize to the person that registers to Walks the World on May 13 and sends me the coolest picture, video, and/or story about their walk. For more details, click here.

Well, there you have it, there is absolutely no excuse not to Walk the World for child hunger. If you truly believe that NO child in this home of ours we call Earth with the resources and technology we have at our disposal should EVER go hungry, then Walk the World in real-life or virtually in Second Life and express your solidarity with this important cause. Remember to register!

To child hunger, The Record-Breaking Domain says NO. See you on May 13!


Thanks for blogging!

We have some updates for the Second Life walk! The walk will take place at the beautiful Dragon Moon Resort, and there will be non-stop live music from the stage for 22 hours!

Fight Hunchke is now a sponsored walker! If she completes the walk, her sponsor will feed a child in school for a whole year through WFP's school feeding programme!

The Second Life walk is creating a buzz in real life media, it has for example been featured in Associated Press!

Susanne at
Fight Hunger
I didn't walk.. but I really wish I could've. Had heaps on today and Geelong (the nearest walk to me) is a big trip to make. I'll make up for it with something soon, promise!
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