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  This Domain name is for Sale for a World Record-Breaking $12,00,001
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The current records...


Since I began my journey to break the record for the most expensive domain name back in November 2005, the unthinkable has happened: the record was broken by another domain! That's right, another domain temporarily stole my spotlight when it made headlines across the world for unofficially smashing the very same record I was attempting to break. This was a blessing in disguise, for this latest record not only proved my idea works, it also established a ceiling for domain prices which, if forcibly broken, would remain unchallenged forever, making my domain idea that much more valuable! For the sake of thoroughness and to help disambiguate what the actual undisputed world record for most expensive domain is, I have decided to up the ante from my original price of $7,500,001 and to shatter both records.


The current official Guinness world record for the Most Expensive Internet Domain Name is held by, which was sold for $7,500,000 by Marc Ostrofsky to the Californian business When people find this out, they are somewhat intrigued, but not enough to actually pay the domain a visit unless they are personally interested in business. This is because the domain name already gives away what the site's about. So most people just think "" and flip the page. The unofficial record holder,, a much more inviting domain name, was sold for $12,000,000 by Gary Kremen to Boston-based Escom LLC. It is nearly inconceivable to think any domain would be worth more than that 3-letter domain that instinctually grabs our undivided attention. Sex sells more than anything, period. As a result, the sale of essentially established an unofficial ceiling for domain prices. So what we have here is an official world record of $7,500,000, and an unofficial ceiling for domain prices of $12,000,000. I want to shatter both these records so that there is no dispute as to which is the genuine record-breaking domain.


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