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The Hunt for Global Charities Solving the
World's Problems


I am pledging more than $9 million from the sale of my domain to charity. I would like to give a good portion of that to fight hunger and poverty and towards cancer research. I want to have 9 million-dollar pledges to 9 global charities working on solving world problems. The first million-dollar pledge is going to to end child hunger by 2015. I need 8 more! I am open to suggestions about which charities could really use this money, so please suggest one if you like. If I don't end up allocating all the charity money before I break this record, then I will split the remaining funds proportionally amongst the charities below.


Million Dollar Pledges
Total: $9,000,000




Smaller Pledges
Total: $500,001


Cure Autism Now $10,000
Noahville $10,000




Amount still available to Donate: $8,480,001


Feed a Hungry Person with a Click:

The Hunger Site

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