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Thursday, June 07, 2007


Walk the World 2007 a HUGE success!

Walk the World 2007 was a huge success around the World! The President of El Salvador walked the world, the President of Uganda walked the world, the President of Slovenia walked the world, the Vice-President of Liberia walked the world, The King of Swaziland walked the world, and the Princess of Jordan Walked the World. And that's just presidents and royalty...students, kids, the elderly, and even mayors walked the world too (a guy even Swam the World!)!

Of course, walked the word as well. Considering this is an online project I thought it'd be most appropriate to Walk the World virtually in the online world Second Life! did a great job of organizing the virtual walk, I was absolutely blown away. They had a designated path on a virtual resort island called the Dragon Moon Resort, filled with posters, banners, stages, and even T-shirts and bracelets for your avatar! It was my first time in a virtual world, but I had a foxy character named Eddie who showed me the ropes. The island it was hosted on was enchanting, with waterfalls you could walk under, palm tree-lined beaches, thick tropical jungle, and interesting creatures...I even caught a sunset! More incredibly, everyone on the island could hear live musicians playing from the Walk the World stage. These were real people connected to Second Life who were playing live music for the whole virtual island to hear, which was a pretty cool experience as well since it was musicians from all over the world playing for a great cause. The beautiful setting, the live musicians, the different people from all over the world, and the gear really made the virtual walk the world in Second Life a perfect opportunity to reflect on the seriousness of Child Hunger.

At the end of the walk, there were a bunch of people dancing (and doing some funky acrobatics in the air!) in front of a stage where the live musician's were playing their was an incredible experience and the vibe was just great! I even bumped into Susanne from on the dance floor, which was great seeing a familiar face!

It was a truly humbling experiencing to see so many people come together in a virtual environment for such a great cause, especially knowing that people around the world were physically walking the world as well at that very moment, all in the name of Child Hunger. Well, here's the pictorial and video tour from my Walk the World 2007 in Second Life, I really hope you enjoy it (and if you didn't get a chance to Walk the World, it'll hopefully give you 2-minutes to stop and really think about the global problem that is Child Hunger):

Thanks Andres!

Your blog about our Walk is great! And we absolutely love your video about the Second Life walk!

Thanks again for your help in ending child hunger! We really appreciate it!

Best wishes,

Susanne at
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