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Sunday, March 11, 2007


TRBD increases its pledge to Charity more than two-fold to over $9.5 million!

I have been inspired by the partnership and the goal to end child hunger by 2015 and want to help out a lot more people. The truth is, there are so many problems with the world today that they deserve the focus of this world record. I've given it a lot of thought with a lot of input from people in the forum, and I think this is the best way to go about it. I want people to participate in the project because they want to help others, not just themselves.

As a result, I'm making huge changes. First of all, I'm removing all monthly and grand prizes except for the $1 Million linking prize. To be fair, I will honor the prize money already awarded to winners who have continued to support TRBD (as was required), which will be taken from the reserved pool of $500,000 allocated for miscellaneous help. The linking prize will remain at $1 Million, but instead of being awarded to the person who's referred the most visitors to the site, it will be awarded randomly to a lucky referrer. However, the chances of winning will be proportional to the number of visitors referred, so the more visitors referred, the greater the chances of winning (think of this as a lottery and every unique visitor sent as a new lottery ticket increasing the chances of winning). This will give every single person that refers visitors to the record-breaking domain (using their unique referral link) a chance to win the $1 million, while still giving people an incentive to refer as many visitors as possible. Don't worry, you guys aren't the only one's whose prize pool is being reduced. To be fair, I'm reducing my own stake in TRBD from $4 million to $1 million (that's still a lot of money, so I won't complain! :). If you think about it, the winner of the linking prize will be making as much as me from the sale of this domain...THAT'S how much emphasis I'm putting into getting people to link here and refer visitors so that as many people as possible find out about this feat and the great causes we're supporting!

This will all leave exactly $9,500,001 for charity. That's a boat load of money! From that pool, I want $9 million going to 9 large, global charities fighting the worlds problems (that's $1 million a pop), and $500,000 going to smaller charities. I've already pledged $1 million from the "large charity pool" to, so that means I need to find 8 more global charities to partner up with and give exposure to on TRBD. From the "small charity pool", I've already allocated $20,000, so that leaves $480,000 to pledge to smaller, yet very important causes. If there is any unallocated charity money by the time I break this record, I will split what's left over proportionally with the charities that I've already pledged to. As you can imagine, I will need as much help as possible to find these charities and organize these partnerships, so if you are interested in making a difference in this world, please drop me a line and post in the forum so we can work together.

In the end, almost 80% of the money from the sale of this domain will be going directly to charity. I think that's huge and it'll hopefully act as yet another incentive to convince a buyer now more than ever to buy this domain and break this record for some very good causes!

Before I leave you, I wanted to give a special and public thanks to the guys who've been giving TRBD the greatest support:
You guys are awesome, I hope you continue to stick around even though I've removed the monthly prizes! :)

Here's to breaking this damn record and helping a planet-full of people!


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