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Friday, December 15, 2006


TRBD Partners up with to End Child Hunger by 2015 with a $1 million donation pledge!

Ladies and gentlemen, I've been in search of something newsworthy for a while to prove to the world that The Record-Breaking Domain is here to make a real difference. That search is over.

On November 17, 2006, I received an e-mail from Susanne Thörnqvist of, a United Nations World Food Programme initiative tackling one of the 8 Millennium Goals. She was informing me about her charity in case I was interested in pledging part of my $4,000,001 of charity funds to From the moment I started this idea, I was hoping to fight hunger in some way. It started with "The Hunger Site" logo, but this opportunity with was exactly what I was waiting for. I shot back with an ambitious proposal to make an Official Partner of with a pledge of $1 million. Susanne was drawn to the idea, but had to mull it over with her team as this would be an Official Partnership with a United Nations organization, thus necessitating an official approval process. She requested contact details from current prize winners, but I went a step further and asked our prize winners to write a Statement of Support regarding TRBD and Ten absolutely awesome individuals replied within a week with a full statement of support, which I forwarded to Susanne. This morning, waiting in my inbox, was an e-mail from Susanne letting me know that a decision had been made and that was accepted as an Official Partner of, becoming the 20th partner of the program alongside the likes of Citibank and The Boston Consulting Group (you should see our logo up there within a week). As someone who has lived in Brazil several years and dealt directly with poverty, I cannot express to you the warmth and satisfaction of receiving that e-mail this morning, and realizing that everyone at from this point on will be helping to make a difference to end child hunger. At the end of the day, this is what it's all about.

As an official partner of a United Nations organization, this also elevates to a new status, and one I'm very proud of. A few people have doubted the seriousness of this world record attempt, but this will hopefully prove to every last skeptic that this idea is real, it's going to happen, and it's going to make a lasting difference.

Child hunger is a serious problem that desperately needs more awareness. If I told you there were 35 million hungry children in the world right now you would be absolutely shocked. But if I told you there are TEN times that many hungry children right this moment, it will hopefully get you to act. is about getting UN agencies, NGOs, businesses, schools, universities, communities and individuals who believe that we can work together to end child hunger to come together and act to raise awareness for this dire global epidemic so that the necessary funds and resources are focused on feeding every single child on this planet. You can join the effort here and make a donation now. It's the 21st century and the 3rd millennium, hunger should have been eradicated a long time ago.

I wanted to thank Susanne for making this possible, all my supporters for making this an awesome record-breaking team, and the 10 individuals who wrote a statement of support in such short notice. You can discuss this partnership further in our forum here:

Hopefully this new partnership will get more people to join the TRBD cause and, as a result, the cause. I'm hoping this added exposure and credibility will lead to us breaking the record sooner, allowing to get its $1 million donation ASAP. I'm also interested in forming more official partnerships with large international charities tackling global problems, so please send me an e-mail if you are interested.

Here's to making a difference!


These are the Best TRBD News that I have heard in a VERY long time... Great Job, Andres and let´s continue to strive forwards with this great motivation that we now have...

Here is to our success!

Du Amigo,

Great Cause!
There needs to be more of this.
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